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Industry NewsFarm Boy to keep Ottawa’s Rideau Bakery alive

Farm Boy to keep Ottawa’s Rideau Bakery alive


Farm Boy has announced that it has agreed to purchase the assets of Ottawa’s Rideau Bakery from the Kardish family and is working on a plan to keep the iconic brand alive in Farm Boy stores across Ontario.  

Rideau Bakery was an Ottawa institution for almost 90 years until its two stores shut their doors at the end of June for business reasons and because the owners, children of the bakery’s original founder, were facing health issues. Community plans to keep the business going fell through at the last minute.

But now Farm Boy says that Rideau Bakery’s traditionally made and kosher eastern European breads and rolls will be sold in its stores.

“At Farm Boy it’s all about the food and we couldn’t be prouder to make Rideau Bakery’s exceptional baked goods an integral part of our offering,” said Jeff York, co-CEO of Farm Boy. “We are working now on the plan to get the products into our stores as soon as possible, making sure that they use the same centuries-old secret recipes and techniques that are going to delight Farm Boy customers not just in Ottawa, but also in our stores across Ontario.”  

Three generations of the Kardish family have worked in the kosher bakery since it was established around 1930, producing its renowned rye bread made the traditional way, along with challah and other egg bread products, among the broad assortment. Rideau Bakery’s old-world bread recipes were brought to Canada from the Ukraine by Rifka Kardish and her sons.

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