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Food & Consumer Products of Canada symposium

2_gary_saarenvirta_founder__ceo_of_daisy_intelligence-8305692Gary Saarenvirta, founder and CEO of Daisy Intelligence

Food & Consumer Products of Canada held its “Vision 2020” Sales and Marketing Symposium on May 15. The event theme was “Tackling the Future.” More than 150 industry professionals were in attendance to hear 15 guest speakers discuss the challenges CPG sales and marketing professionals face today and the opportunities presented by the rapidly evolving digital world.

1_from_left_michael_graydon_fcpc_todd_cooney_overlong-8644648From left: Michael Graydon, FCPC; Todd Cooney, Nestle Purina Petcare; Christi Scarrow, Lighthouse NINE Group; Elizabeth Beemer Bayer, Todd Kelly and Errol Cerit, FCPC

3_peyton_left_and_ella_verhoeven_co-founders_of_think_gen_z-7320449Peyton (left) and Ella Verhoeven, co-founders of Think Gen Z

4_michael_hughes_networking_expert-1371686Networking expert Michael Hughes

Speakers included teen entrepreneur sisters Ella and Peyton Verhoeven of Think GenZ, Daisy Intelligence founder and CEO Gary Saarenvirta and networking expert Michael Hughes.

Read more about the symposium here.


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