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Industry NewsFortinos shoppers receive COVID-19 kits

Fortinos shoppers receive COVID-19 kits


In a surprise twist, a charity donated 500 COVID-19 kits to shoppers at a Fortinos Vaughan, Ont. store.

Organized by Global Medic, a Canadian charity that provides rapid response aid during crises at home and abroad with support from Vaughan firefighters, the kits contained soap and washable face masks.

GlobalMedic says the idea is to drive behavioral changes to curb the spread of COVID-19.

Of its 10,000 kits, GlobalMedic donated more than 5,000 in Brampton, more than 3,000 in Oshawa and 500 thus far in Vaughan, where it’s expected to conduct “sporadic events” to increase awareness.

The charity has also donated 2,500 kg of food to the Vaughan Food Bank.

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