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Industry NewsGetting retail self-service under control: study

Getting retail self-service under control: study


A new study of fixed self-checkout (SCO) technology in retail suggests ways that retailers can control the stock losses that occur when they deploy fixed SCO machines.

The study by tech vendor NCR and ECR Community Shrinkage and On-shelf Availability Group says retailers can suffer an increase in stock loss of one basis point for every one per cent of sales that go through the machines. It further concludes that a typical store with 25 per cent of sales value going through fixed SCO could see additional stock losses of 0.25 per cent of sales value, as reported in Essential Retail.

The report offers ways for retailers to get SCO systems under control and minimize their losses. Part of the solution is to monitor data on the risk of SCO-related loss, and to adopt a coherent strategy to manage and control SCO systems.

The report is based on data collected from 13 major retailers in Europe and the US. 140 million ‘scan and go’ transactions were analyzed along with 17 million transaction audits, video analytics of $108 billion of fixed SCO transactions and comparative stock loss data from thousands of retail stores.

Read the Essential Retail story here.

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