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Industry NewsGoodfood offers free one-hour delivery and other updates…

Goodfood offers free one-hour delivery and other updates…


Goodfood Market Corp. is introducing one-hour or less delivery to high-density markets throughout November including 18 neighbourhoods in Toronto and Montreal, by leveraging its existing infrastructure and continuing to invest in technology, staffing and cloud stores to meet client demand for more rapid delivery times. Its first area is now operational and available to more than 1 million customers in downtown Toronto.

In addition, Goodfood is expanding its platform and well-known meal kit subscription service to offer thousands of grocery items as well as its restaurant-quality meal kits and ready-to-eat offerings.

“Goodfood is making it easier for Canadians to get fresh, unique, high-quality grocery items and meal kits fast, because as we all know, the way we live, work and shop has dramatically changed,” says Goodfood Chief Executive Officer, Jonathan Ferrari. “We want to continue to support and empower Canadians’ food convenience, efficiency and discovery in the kitchen—whether they are brand new or seasoned home cooks.”

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