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Industry NewsGoodLeaf Farms opens new indoor vertical farm

GoodLeaf Farms opens new indoor vertical farm


Goodleaf Farms has opened its 4,000 sq ft indoor vertical farm in Guelph, Ont.

The farm is fully automated and equipped to grow microgreens and baby greens 365 days a year, without the use of pesticides, herbicides or fungicides and with dramatically less water consumption. The result is a safer, more nutrient dense and sustainably grown food source, providing a domestic alternative in a produce aisle highly dominated by imports from the southern  or .

“Knowing where their food comes from is important to Canadians,” says , accounts manager for GoodLeaf Farms. “Our growing system mimics the spring sun without the use of chemicals, releasing farming from the restrictions of the changing seasons. We can grow local, fresh, nutritious and healthy leafy greens for the  produce market all year long — we do it safely.”

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