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Industry NewsGrocers get behind temp hero pay for frontline workers

Grocers get behind temp hero pay for frontline workers


Metro Inc. is the latest grocer to recognize its frontline workers, announcing it will offer its employees working in its stores and distribution centres a gift card. The move follows similar announcement made earlier by Longo’s and Empire Company Limited.

In early April, Longo Brothers Fruit Markets reinstated a temporary pay increase of an additional $2 per hour for all its permanent frontline hourly employees. This followed a second announcement by Empire Company confirming that it too would temporarily re-introduce a “lockdown bonus” for frontline employees in Ontario and certain areas in Quebec.

In a statement, Metro Inc.’s Marie-Claude Bacon, vice president of public affairs and communications, says all of Metro’s frontline employees will receive gift cards “as we did in December and February,” and the gift cards will range between $75, $150 and $300 “depending on whether a worker is a full time or part time employee.”



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