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Industry NewsGrocery industry cooks up breakfast for high school students

Grocery industry cooks up breakfast for high school students


Grocery industry members joined The Grocery Foundation on November 20 to cook breakfast for high school students as part of the Toonies for Tummies program.

Grocery retailers and suppliers donned their aprons to prepare breakfast for high school students at Madonna Catholic Secondary School in North Toronto and Grocery Business was there to catch the action.

The Grocery Foundation’s Toonies for Tummies program has raised more than $18 million since its inception in 2000.

anthony_morello_longos-7166310Anthony Longo, Longo’s

ian_roberts_conagra_copy_copy_copy_copy_copy_copy-2713165Ian Roberts, ConAgra Brands

l_to_r_divine_ibeh_success_ibeh_and_kiyanna_letts_students_at_madonna_high_school-7811040l to r Divine Ibeh, Success Ibeh and Kiyanna Letts, students at Madonna High School

l_to_r_gabby_nobrega_and_shaun_mckenna_overlong-2500365l to r Gabby Nobrega and Shaun McKenna, Grocery Foundation with Marisa Celenza, The Angel Foundation for Learning and Heidi Lee, coordinator breakfast program at Madonna Catholic High School

l_to_r_joe_fusto_metro_michael_forgione_longos_and_mike_medeieros_ital_pasta-5649025l to r Joe Fusco, Metro; Michael Forgione, Longo’s; and Mike Medeiros, Italpasta

l_to_r_le_verrilli_motts_ryan_brez_pepsico_tony_mongillo_food_basics_and_tom_gunter-4038734l to r Leo Verrilli, Canada Dry Motts; Ryan Brez, PepsiCo Beverages; Tony Mongillo, Food Basics; and Tom Gunter, TAG Consulting

l_to_r_lynn_tattersall_summer_fresh_overlong-4381950l to r Lynn Tattersall, Summerfresh; John DiCecco, McCormick Canada; Marlon Villanueva, Carl Buddig and Company; and Nathalie Savard, Mondelez

l_to_rmichel_guay_kraft_heinz_anthony_morello_longos_and_ian_roberts_conagra-6228639l to r Michel Guay, Kraft Heinz; Anthony Longo, Longo’s; and Ian Roberts, ConAgra Brands

norm_kafk_make_good_rob_koss_longos_and_susana_aquino_nestle-6876130l to r Norm Kafka, Acosta (on behalf of Made Good); Rob Koss, Longo’s; and Susie Aquino, CBE/Nestle




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