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Industry NewsHellmann’s Canada launches ‘Fridge Night’ digital experience

Hellmann’s Canada launches ‘Fridge Night’ digital experience


Household waste volumes double in the week after Christmas in Canada according to a recent study, with municipal authorities reporting whole turkeys and mountains of baked goods and leftovers found in the garbage following the break. 

Hellmann’s Canada’s new initiative called ‘Fridge Night‘–is a free digital app that helps Canadians reduce household food waste, be more resourceful in the kitchen and save, time, money and the planet.

Rooted in behavioural science, Fridge Night features a series of weekly challenges hosted by Chef Andy Hay, finalist from MasterChef Canada, Season Seven All Stars, to help Canadians create meals from the food they can find in the fridge and pantry. Users will embark on a 4-week mission, where they will establish a ‘Use-Up Day’ and master Hellmann’s Flexipe 3+1 approach—a simple flexible recipe framework that uses everyday ingredients typically found in the kitchen or pantry to create a delicious meal: a carbohydrate base, most-wasted vegetables or fruit, a source of protein, plus a magic touch of spices or a sauce to bring the dish together.

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