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Industry NewsIGA launches zero-waste packaging through in B.C.

IGA launches zero-waste packaging through in B.C.

reusables-3759514 has partnered with IGA on Robson in Vancouver; with expansion to additional stores planned for 2022/2023. The container-sharing platform for zero-waste takeout conceived initially for food takeout and delivery is now proving successful at a broad scope of food locations and stores with IGA and Reusables encouraging more grocers to get involved.

“The Reusables community is saving thousands of single-use containers from entering waste streams every month and we are proud to be part of this important initiative,” said Mark McCurdy, vice president of retail operations & brand strategy, IGA B.C. “Having seen the success in restaurants and new members joining Reusables at a steadily fast pace, we are excited to now offer this capability at our Robson IGA and will expand to more of our stores in the coming months. The more grocers and more locations that jump on board with Reusables, the better it is for all our stores, our customers, and increases the overall positive environmental impact in our communities.”

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