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Industry NewsIn Memoriam: Doug Cussons

In Memoriam: Doug Cussons

Doug Cussons was a well-known CPG industry veteran and long-time member of the Food & Allied Industries golf committee. He served on three boards: the Canadian and Ontario Food Brokers Associations, and Ontario Frozen Foods and Chilled Association. He joined Thomas, Large & Singer in the 1980s when the company merged with Grant Small Sales, where he worked at the time. Through the transaction, Cussons became a shareholder in the business. He remained with the company for 24 years and played a big role in the launch of many successful brands, including Tropicana Orange Juice. After retiring from the company as vice president of sales, he formed his own company in 2004, DGC Sales & Marketing, and remained active in the industry up until his passing.

Bill Dunne, who retired as president of Acosta in 2012, says Cussons was well-respected by his peers.

“I had the pleasure of knowing Doug for just over 35 years. His consistency of integrity, a positive attitude and respect for others was his calling card. He was both a competitor when I worked at my father’s company William Dunne, and a peer where we worked together at Thomas, Large & Singer. He believed in partnerships and collaboration with clients and customers and his strength was the ability to get everyone in the room aligned in a win/win situation.”

Dunne says Cussons was also a great leader and mentor to young people entering the industry. “He was always willing to share his knowledge, his experiences and his insights with those coming up through the system.”

Tony Morrison, worked with Cussons for more than 30 years at Thomas, Large & Singer. Cussons hired him in the late 1970s and through the years the business relationship developed into a friendship. Morrison retired in 2011 as client management director.

“I’m crushed by the loss of Doug. He was a friend and person everyone respected. He was such a professional through and through and was dedicated to the company, to the industry, his family and the game of golf. He really loved golf and was involved in all kinds of committees and charities to raise money for causes. He loved the game of golf but what he also loved about it was that it was social so he was able to do something he loved while at the same time supporting industry causes.”

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