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Industry NewsKraft Dinner takes innovative social media approach on product launch

Kraft Dinner takes innovative social media approach on product launch


Kraft Dinner is introducing its new KD Flavour Boosts with a first-to-market Twitch streaming store and by tapping into TikTok trends to created branded content.

The social media platform promotions help to bring awareness to the new products among GenZ audiences.

The campaign taps into channels where Gen Z and Millennials are most active in new and innovative ways. The partnership with Twitch is a first-in-Canada streaming store, where viewers can trade the in-app currency Bits for new KD Flavour Boosts. The Streaming Store will be operating over 3 days, where influential Canadian streamers, including The Stacey Roy, Sloot and Jess U will be managing the registry and producing entertaining content that they are known for such as gaming, music and cooking, for online shoppers.

“Canadians are always looking for new ways to eat their KD as we saw with the overwhelming reaction to Pumpkin Spice and Candy KD. By launching KD Flavour Boost, we are bringing flavoured KD to stores across Canada in six new varieties,” says Brian Neumann, associate director for Brand Build on Easy Meals Made Better and Beverages, Desserts and Infant at Kraft Heinz Canada. “With younger consumers in mind, we knew they spend way more time online than at physical stores so we wanted to embrace the way they consume media and hack the Twitch platform allowing them to buy KD Flavour Boost within a live stream.”

The campaign includes a TikTok awareness play that leverages popular trends, and Canadian TikTok influencers. Twitch streamers are being tasked with driving both experiences, encouraging users to get their Boosts in-stream vs. in-store.


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