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Industry NewsKroger shrugs off Amazon's Prime Day boast

Kroger shrugs off Amazon’s Prime Day boast


Amazon says its Prime Day this year was a success, despite technical problems that prevented shoppers from accessing the company’s web site for much of the 36-hour sale period.

But when Amazon illustrated the success of the sale by saying it had sold 100 million products in Prime Day’s first 24 hours, brick and mortar giant Kroger tried to take some wind out of Amazon’s sails by announcing that it sells 110 million products on an average day.

One report notes that Kroger has been less threatened than other competitors by Amazon’s purchase of Whole Foods, continuing to enjoy strong earnings and robust stock prices.

One possible catch for Kroger is that Amazon’s sales are technology-heavy and generate high revenues. Amazon is estimated to have generated $4.2 B on Prime Day, while Kroger’s average day, despite exceeding Prime Day in terms of SKUs sold, brings in ‘only’ $340 M.

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