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Industry NewsKruger Products announces 10 year sustainability strategy

Kruger Products announces 10 year sustainability strategy


Kruger Products has launched its new sustainable development strategy called Reimagine 2030: transformative growth and sustainable innovation.

The strategy includes reducing its environmental footprint over ten years in four ways: Products Empower, Planet Positive, Employee Impact and Community Embrace.

Steven Sage, vice president of sustainability at Kruger Products, says 89.2 per cent of its packaging is from recycled materials, and 11.8 per cent is virgin plastic. The reimagine 2030 plan is to reduce virgin plastic use by 50 per cent.

“There is an opportunity to ​strengthen the connect​ion of our sustainability story and results to the brands our consumers purchase,” says Sage. Our reductions in greenhouse gas emissions, water consumption and use of third-party certified fibre are all opportunities to educate consumers about the sustainable impacts we’re making in the market leading products they buy.  We’ll continue to grow the number of certified products we offer and increase our messaging to consumers ​because we know this continues to grow in importance.”

Sage says sharing their progress with customers and consumers makes it easier for them to make sustainable choices.

“We are at a critical moment and as a leader in the tissue category, we believe it is time to think bolder, move faster and be more agile to advance social impact, protect the environment and continue to grow as a business,” says Dino Bianco, president and chief executive officer of Kruger Products.

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