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Industry NewsLavazza launches documentary to highlight sustainability

Lavazza launches documentary to highlight sustainability


Lavazza and the Lavazza Foundation have launched a documentary to chronicle the sustainability story behind its coffee.

The documentary is a first that marks Lavazza’s commitment to sustainability and launches June 5th to celebrate World Environment Day. It will be available for viewing on Amazon Prime.

“Coffee Defenders, a Path from Coca to Coffee” documents a story about a woman and her journey from growing coca to coffee in the Meta, Colombia region.

The Lavazza Foundation has been working in the Meta region since 2015, with a sustainable development program to help improve conditions of more than 100 farming families by planting over one million coffee plants and training the farmers on techniques to fight the effects of climate change. Productivity per hectare has risen twofold and the production of high quality coffee has been encouraged and certified by the NGO Rainforest Alliance

The documentary highlights just one of 24 projects that the Lavazza Foundation, has been actively involved in as part of its sustainable development program for coffee production. Since 2004, the Foundation has helped more than 97,000 coffee farmers in 17 countries across three continents.

Click here to watch the trailer.


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