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Industry NewsLoblaw: Canadians spend more time with screens than with family, friends

Loblaw: Canadians spend more time with screens than with family, friends


Almost a third of Canadians spend more than four hours of free time a day socializing via a screen, according to a national survey conducted by President’s Choice. And while 92 per cent of Canadians want to spend more time over a meal with loved ones, almost half spend less than an hour a day that way.

Loblaw is hoping that its PC Eat Together movement will “inspire more Canadians to get back to the table, demonstrating the social power of sharing a meal.”

To encourage Canadians to recognize the power of sharing a meal, PC has released its third PC Eat Together film, a 90-second short inspired by philosopher Alan Watts’ The Dream of Life chronicling people who are striving to meet society’s standards of what it means to live life to the fullest. The film wraps by underscoring that for most, the greatest moments in life are not those captured in that quest, but the ones that take place around the table with family and friends.

With a limited run in cinema, and airing December 31, the film is designed to influence New Year’s resolution lists and encourage all Canadians to eat together. The film is the first in a series of activities that PC will undertake in 2019 to support Eat Together, leading up to the third annual Eat Together Day on June 14, 2019.

This year PC is introducing the PC Eat Together pledge. Every time a Canadian commits to eat together, $1 will be donated to the PC Children’s Charity to help children in need eat together with their friends and families.

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