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Industry NewsLoblaw partners on innovative reusable packaging for Canada

Loblaw partners on innovative reusable packaging for Canada


Loblaw Companies Ltd. has partnered with Loop, a company offering an innovative reusable packaging solution designed to reduce plastic waste.

Beginning in early 2020, Toronto pilot participants will be able to receive select products from President’s Choice and other leading national brands in reusable containers, delivered right to their doors.

“There is too much plastic waste,” said Galen Weston, Executive Chairman, Loblaw Companies Limited. “Our industry is part of the problem and we can be part of the solution. Our partnership with Loop is a powerful example of entrepreneurial innovators working with like-minded large enterprise to bring a meaningful solution to a real problem.”

Loop is the first-ever global platform to partner with brands and retailers to offer consumers a way to go from disposablity to durability with their purchases.

Once they place an order online, consumers will receive their durable products in Loop’s exclusively designed shipping tote. After use, consumers place the empty containers into their Loop totes and go online to schedule a pickup from their home. With cutting-edge technology, Loop will clean the packaging so that each product may be safely reused and promptly replenished as needed at the consumer’s request.

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