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Industry NewsLoblaw test launches self-checkout app

Loblaw test launches self-checkout app


Loblaw is launching a pilot test of a new “shop and scan” app at eight Toronto-area stores this week.

To use the system, customers download the PC Express app onto their mobile device and connect to in-store Wi-Fi, CBC News reports. They use the app to scan items as they load them into the shopping cart. The app generates a barcode for the total purchase. The customer scans the barcode at checkout, either by cashier, self-checkout or a dedicated “shop and scan” kiosk.

Stores will also provide digital scales so customers can weigh produce selections before scanning.

“If you can save consumers time and it’s very easy for them to implement, i.e., it doesn’t need heavy lifting to get going, then that has a good chance of winning,” a Loblaw spokesperson told CBC News.

The system will first be launched at five locations in the Greater Toronto Area and will be rolled out to three more in the following weeks.

Loblaw says it is also developing a payment system to add to the app.

Photo: CBC

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