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Industry NewsLoblaw to spend $150 M more each year supporting Canadian farmers

Loblaw to spend $150 M more each year supporting Canadian farmers


Loblaw Companies Ltd. says that by 2025 it will spend $150 M more each year with Canadian farmers buying local, fresh produce that otherwise would have been imported.

Loblaw says it will work directly with local farmers to implement innovative growing methods or plant non-traditional crops, to extend the normally short Canadian growing season and replace what have been typically imported fruits and vegetables with Canadian produce.

Over the past few years, Loblaw has worked with Canadian farmers to grow a greater variety of products, including multicultural goods not traditionally grown in Canada. As a result, customers can now find bok choy, long eggplant, methi leaf, napa cabbage and okra bearing Grown in Ontario and Grown in Quebec labels. These crops are traditionally grown in Mexico, Dominican Republic and Central America.

Loblaw is also working with Canadian indoor farmers and greenhouses to ensure a steady supply of fresh produce that would otherwise be out-of-season or imported from warmer climates for much of the year.

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