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Industry NewsLondon Drugs' move amplifies Airdrie's growth

London Drugs’ move amplifies Airdrie’s growth

A London Drugs store in Airdrie, Alberta. SUBMITTED PHOTO

In a strategic shift to stoke community engagement and contribute to transforming the city of Airdrie’s downtown in Alberta, London Drugs, led by president and COO Clint Mahlman, has relocated to 804 Main St.

The decision, influenced by challenges at the old location and aligned with Airdrie’s downtown revitalization plan, marks a new chapter for both the retailer and the city.

“Our old location was challenged due to access and egress for customers who wanted quick and easy access to our store. As the lease was coming due at the old location, it was an opportunity to explore other areas of Airdrie. With its fast growth and changing traffic flow, along with looking at the long-term plans for revitalization of traditional downtown, we chose the new location,” Mahlman told Grocery Business in an email.

Shift from strip malls to a vibrant city hub

As London Drugs aims to go beyond being a retail destination, Mayor Peter Brown sees this move as a catalyst for economic growth and a key driver in the ongoing revitalization of Airdrie’s urban core.

Airdrie initiated a revitalization plan in 2022. Brown says the plan is guided by a forward-looking vision to reshape its urban environment and depart from the conventional sprawl of strip malls. The city’s objective extends beyond the traditional concept of a downtown solely as a commercial area. Instead, Brown says Airdrie aspires to create a vibrant destination where residents can convene, establish connections, and immerse themselves in the town’s diverse cultural offerings.

“The involvement of major retailers such as London Drugs in Airdrie’s downtown marks a significant milestone in our journey towards a vibrant urban core. Their investment not only continues retail diversity and convenience in our downtown. Investment by retailers, such as London Drugs, draws foot traffic, creates jobs, and is a catalyst for further economic growth. This, in turn, creates a dynamic, thriving business ecosystem,” he said.

More than that, Mahlman says London Drugs is also contributing to the community through its new location, although it has done so historically. He says the franchise has contributed to the fabric of Airdrie “through our London Green recycling programs, our Stocking Stuffers for Seniors program, local Boys and Girls Club employment programs, and contributions to Airdrie Fest and the Alberta Games, to name a few.”

“We are excited about the future of downtown Airdrie and look forward to supporting the city in its goal for downtown revitalization,” he added.

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