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Industry NewsM&M announces multi-partner Canadian retail expansion

M&M announces multi-partner Canadian retail expansion


M&M Food Market has announced new retail partnerships with Rexall and Avondale Food Stores in Ontario and Beaudry-Cadrin across Québec.

The new program is called “M&M Food Market Express” and the company says it complements its existing national franchise network by placing a select range of products in 32 new stores including those in major urban centres.

Beaudry-Cadrin is Québec’s largest independent food wholesaler and Avondale Food Stores is located in Ontario’s Niagara Region

The announcement is the latest step in M&M’s Canadian expansion strategy. The partnerships open up highly developed urban markets as well as smaller locales where M&M Food Market previously had no presence.

The announcement comes on the heels of M&M’s five-year transformation, which included a name change, rebrand and store redesign, along with the complete elimination of artificial colours, sweeteners and flavours from its menu.

Recently the company tested selling a selection of food products in six Rexall stores in downtown Toronto to grow sales channels, customer base and brand awareness. The new partnerships include the introduction of a select range of products in 32 Rexall stores including those in major urban centres, 33 Beau-soir convenience store locations in Québec and 10 Avondale Food Store locations.

The company has also opened 19 traditional stores over the last two years.

Photo: M&M Food Market

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