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Industry NewsMetro achieves 2022 beef sourcing goal

Metro achieves 2022 beef sourcing goal

Metro has announced it has achieved its 2022 sourcing commitment to buy three million pounds of beef from Canadian Roundtable for Sustainable Beef (CRSB) Certified farms and ranches by 2026.

The CRSB Certified program provides credible assurances for beef production, processing and sourcing through certified supply chains in Canada. The CRSB-certified Mass Balance mark will be displayed on all beef products across Metro Ontario’s Platinum Grill Angus Canadian AAA Beef Program, available in all 131 Metro stores in Ontario.

“Responsible procurement is a fundamental aspect of our business. We also know how important it is to our customers. We want to work with suppliers that share our commitment to responsible practices and act on this commitment. CRSB Certified farms can produce beef in a way that’s accountable to the environment, animals, the farmers and ranchers that grow food. Metro Ontario is proud to partner with the CRSB,” says Michael Rose, vice president of fresh merchandising at Metro Ontario.

The program includes five areas of sustainability: conserving and enhancing our natural resources (land, water, and air), supporting our people and communities, best practices in animal care, food safety and quality,  and embracing efficiencies and innovation that foster continual improvement.

“It is exciting to see Metro, a long-time member of the CRSB, expanding their commitment in their beef sourcing. This move shows that they value what Canadian beef farmers and ranchers do on the ground every day for the environment, for the animals in their care and their communities,” says Ryan Beierbach, chair of the CRSB and CRSB Certified rancher from Saskatchewan. “By displaying the CRSB Certified Mass Balance mark on the pack, Metro shows their customers they are making positive contributions through their food choices. We look forward to continuing to work with METRO to expand their sourcing goals.”

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