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Industry NewsMetro now offering same-day delivery for online orders

Metro now offering same-day delivery for online orders



Metro online grocery service users in Quebec can now get same-day order delivery. Orders posted before 1 pm can now be picked up in-store as early as 4 pm or delivered as early as 6 pm regardless of day of the week or the location of the store selected.

The service’s hours have also been extended from 8 to 10 pm on weeknights, and from 6 to 8 pm weekends.

The trucks are equipped with Tri-Zones technology, which guarantees food freshness within temperate, refrigerated and frozen zones, from shelf to delivery.

“At a time when consumers are looking for easy and quick solutions to eat healthy without sacrificing product quality, there has been an increasing demand for same-day delivery from our online grocery customers” said Gino Plevano, Metro vice president, Digital Strategy and Online Shopping. “We’ve noticed that many online orders are made during lunch hour. Being able to receive their purchases that same evening will be a great benefit for those customers, and for a great deal of families!”



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