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Industry NewsMetro to offer fast-charging EV stations at 130+ Quebec, Ontario stores

Metro to offer fast-charging EV stations at 130+ Quebec, Ontario stores

More than 130 Metro, Super C, Food Basics and Marché stores in Quebec and Ontario will be providing EV fast-charging stations.

The offering is a result of a partnership between Metro and FLO, which will see the installation of approximately 500 fast-charging ports starting in August, 2024.

“Metro is committed to adopting short-term, science-based greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reduction targets for its direct and indirect emissions,” says Michel Avigliano, vice president, Real Estate and Engineering, Metro. “Through this partnership, we are taking action to reduce our indirect emissions linked to the transport of our customers, while contributing to the collective effort of transition towards a more low-carbon economy.”

The more than 130 grocery stores will feature the new dual port FLO Ultra fast charger.  With up to 320 kW of available power, the FLO Ultra charger will charge most new EVs to 80% in 15 minutes.  FLO’s Ultra fast charger is capable of up to 500kW when paired with a second FLO Ultra charger. Its flexible and modular design and extended cable length facilitates charging on one or on both sides, creating ease of use for all types of makes and models.

A significant number of these new installations are supported by FLO’s partnership with the Canadian Infrastructure Bank (CIB), which committed $235 million to support FLO bringing more than 1,900 public fast charging ports online across Canada by 2027.

Earlier, Federated Co-operatives also announced a partnership with Flo for fast-charging EV stations.

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