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Industry NewsMolson Coors steps into plant-based milk space: U.S.

Molson Coors steps into plant-based milk space: U.S.


Molson Coors is tapping one of beer’s primary ingredients for its latest innovation, Golden Wing Barley Milk, a non-alcohol plant-based milk that will sit in U.S. dairy aisles.

Made with five all-natural ingredients, including non-GMO barley stock that comes from Coors’ barley farmers, Golden Wing launched last month in California stores.

Plant-based milk has elbowed its way into the mainstream in recent years, growing dollar sales by more than 5 per cent since 2016, according to IRi. Meanwhile, cow’s milk and soy milk have both lost a combined nearly 6 points of share to plant-based milk options over the same time period, IRi shows. 

Of the plant-based options, grain-based milk has gained 18 points of share since 2016, at the expense of seed- and nut-based milk.

“We want to let our ingredients speak for themselves. Golden Wing keeps it simple, delivering on exceptional flavor with barley leading the way,” Schmidt says. Golden Wing contains 130 calories and, compared to 2 per cent milk, it has 60 per cent less sugar, 50 per cent more calcium and twice as much Vitamin D.

Molson Coors’ entrance into the growing plant-based milk market was born out of a partnership with beverage incubator L.A. Libations. By monitoring the market and working with Molson Coors’ barley team, L.A. Libations helped develop and test Golden Wing, and determined there’s a market for it with consumers, Schmidt says. 

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