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Industry NewsNature's Path: "More that can be done"

Nature’s Path: “More that can be done”


Message from Nature’s Path

With store fronts boarded up, supermarket shelves running empty of essential items, people being laid off, and charitable organizations facing unprecedented demand, the world has never seen a pandemic of this magnitude, impacting so many people. Many companies are rallying to provide much needed support. Nature’s Path, North America’s largest organic breakfast and snack food company, has implemented numerous donation initiatives and efforts and is asking other companies, especially food manufacturers, to assist or do more with the ever-growing demand. 

Last month, Nature’s Path started directing their organic food donations to help those most in need. Food banks, children dependent on school programs for food, care homes, and health care workers working long hours are just a few receiving support. The company has already donated more than 80,000 pounds of food to support local charities, community groups and hospitals across North America. Nature’s Path’s general manager and second generation in this family business, Arjan Stephens, says they will not stop there.

We know from speaking to our friends at the food banks and other charitable organizations, they need support more than ever. With the growing number of people losing their jobs or closing their businesses, the need is critical and companies need to act now and act with urgency. This is not something to put on next month’s meeting agenda. We are committing to donate $2.5 million worth of food to support these charities and the heroes in these organizations helping others.”

Nature’s Path has a history of caring for the community. In the past 11 years, the company has donated more than $30 million worth of food to food banks and charities across North America. 

“We are fortunate and grateful to be in a position to be able to help others. We are a family business and people helped and supported us along the way and we have not forgotten,” says Stephens. “Recently we made a delivery to health care workers, and it’s amazing to see what an impact a small gesture and appreciation has on them for what they are dealing with every day. Health care workers, along with other essential services staff like transit workers, those reporting the news, grocery workers, truck drivers, those in paper mills, janitorial/cleaning staff, restaurant workers making and delivering food and others working in food production, people leaving the safety of their homes are the true heroes, providing us with the essentials we need.”

With a staggering and growing number of people being laid off, the company is encouraging other businesses to evaluate and determine quickly, what more they can do to support their communities. 

“When businesses are struggling, people are struggling, and we must all look for ways to help. There may also be joint efforts to consider. For example, we’re working with Left Coast Naturals and Fresh Direct Produce to put together additional care packages. We are touched by seeing other companies and other food manufacturers stepping up to help others – but we know that there is so much more that can be done,” says Stephens. 

Some of Nature’s Path’s initiatives in supporting the community: 

— Donations to support local school systems, redirecting food to students in need and not currently able to attend class. 

— Other recipients include: Feed the Children; local food banks; family services, The Salvation Army, Provincial Health Services Authority (BC), transit workers and care homes for seniors and veterans. 

— Food is made available for Nature’s Path team members to bring to individuals or organizations they personally know who may need the support. 

— The company is also matching their team members’ donations to charities.


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