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Industry NewsNeighbourhood Pharmacies launches 2021 federal election platform

Neighbourhood Pharmacies launches 2021 federal election platform


The Neighbourhood Pharmacy Association of Canada has released its 2021 federal election platform entitled “Unlocking Pharmacy’s Potential as a Healthcare Partner.” The platform’s recommendations are in response to the issues of creating public health capacity and promoting access to medications.

As federal leaders navigate the challenges caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and reflect on the future needs of our healthcare system, Neighbourhood Pharmacies provides five key recommendations to further unlock the pharmacy sector’s potential as a healthcare partner:

To increase Canada’s capacity in public health, Neighbourhood Pharmacies is calling on all parties and candidates to:

  • Build Immunization Capacity
  • Expand Point-of-Care Testing 
  • Enhance Opportunities to Fight the Opioid Crisis

To better support improved access to medications through a robust, sustainable pharmaceutical supply Neighbourhood Pharmacies recommends that the elected government promote policies that:

  • Prioritize Medication Coverage for the Uninsured and Underinsured
  • Balance Drug Pricing with Patient-Centred Value

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