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Industry NewsNestlé goes vegan with meat-free "Incredible Burger"

Nestlé goes vegan with meat-free “Incredible Burger”


A new range of plant-based burgers signifies Nestlé’s foray into the growing vegan foods market.

Made from soy and wheat protein along with carrot, pepper and beetroot extracts, the meat-free burgers will be launched in several European markets this month under the Garden Gourmet “Incredible Burger” brand.

Nestlé says the vegan burgers could compete for taste with beef patties, reports Reuters. A Nestlé product video says that the cooking experience and the visual appearance are also very close to that of traditional beef burgers.

Demand for meat-free foods is growing rapidly. In the U.S. retail sales of plant-based meat substitutes reached more than $760 million, a 23 per cent year-over-year increase, according to Nielsen sales data.

Photo: Nestlé

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