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Industry NewsNetworking in Niagara with the OPMA

Networking in Niagara with the OPMA

2_nicole_and_joseph_commella_fancy_pak_brand_and_frank_spagnuolo_loblaw_companies_ltd-5769149Nicole and Joseph Commella, Fancy Pak Brand and Frank Spagnuolo, Loblaw Companies Ltd.

The Ontario Produce Marketing Association (OPMA) recently held a new networking event for its members at a winery in Lincoln, Ont., in the province’s Niagara wine region.

new_opma_photo-9509563From left: Amanda Moen, Vineland Research; Mimmo Franzone, Longo’s; Lindsey Abrahams, Wonderful Company and Michelle Broom, OPMA.

3_fiona_mclean_delfresco_and_lori_patterson_allegra_point-9518617Fiona McLean, DelFresco and Lori Patterson, Allegra Point

4_bill_george_ontario_fruit_and_overlong-5708510Bill George, Ontario Fruit and Vegetable Growers Association, Glenna Cairnie, Ontario Fruit and Vegetable Convention and Barb Hipple, Ontario Fruit and Vegetable Convention

5_joe_lack_fancy_pak_brand_patrick_gilbert_loblaw_companies_ltd_and_arlene_lack_fancy_pak_brand_copy-8913722Joe Lack, Fancy Pak Brand, Patrick Gilbert, Loblaw Companies Ltd. and Arlene Lack, Fancy Pak Brand 

6_larry_and_shelley_mcintosh_peak_of_the_market-5974134Larry and Shelley McIntosh, Peak of the Market

7_helga_love_jeremy_smith_overlong-6773262Helga Love, Jeremy Smith, North American Produce Buyers, Melissa Smith, Stephen Charoo, Jampro Trade & Investment Jamaica

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