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Next level virtual kitchens with innovation and technology


Gzooh Kitchens is a Canadian virtual kitchen innovator founded in Alberta and focused on creating virtual food brands for grocery stores, c-stores and other food service operations.

The company recently announced the following achievements:

  • Gzooh is the exclusive virtual kitchen partner of Russell Hendrix.
  • Gzooh has collaborated with North America’s biggest vacant kitchen space platform, Kitch, as a virtual kitchen brand supplier.
  • Gzooh is advising Quebec-based company, Brizo FoodMetrics, on food data analytics for the virtual kitchen sector.
  • Gzooh is developing specific virtual food concepts for the Carbone Restaurant Group, a Manitoba-based company. 

With brands and recipes are inspired by European, Canadian, South American, and Asian cuisines that are customizable for clients, Gzooh Kitchens has 22 unique virtual food brands designed to work in any grocery store kitchen globally.

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