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Industry NewsNo beef shortage amidst coronavirus: Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

No beef shortage amidst coronavirus: Prime Minister Justin Trudeau


The Canadian government is not expecting shortages of beef despite some coronavirus-related challenges for the meat packing industry, but prices may rise, says Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

He also told a briefing on April 21 that “we have heard from Canadian beef producers and associations that the priority will be ensuring Canadian supply before they move to exporting.”

Canada, one of the world’s biggest beef and pork exporters, has seen several meat plants idled or slowed as coronavirus inspections spread. Cargill Inc on Monday said it would idle its beef plant at High River, Alberta because of an outbreak.

“We are not at this point anticipating shortages of beef, but prices might go up,” Trudeau said. “We will of course be monitoring that very, very carefully.”

North America has seen a steep drop in meat demand since the pandemic spread accelerated, as a loss of sales to restaurants, which have closed, outweighed revenue gains from grocery stores.


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