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Open Mike: Mentoring Matters


Grocery Business columnist Michael Marinangeli looks at mentoring as a key to personal growth as a leader in his “Open Mike” column in the January/February 2019 issue.

“Mentoring contributes immensely to your career growth and job success,” Michael says. “It is a key component in people development as mentees benefit from your experience and knowledge.”

Michael believes mentoring isn’t emphasized enough at most organizations, and that when it’s encouraged, rewarded, expected and acknowledged by senior management, the results can be phenomenal.

Michael recalls that, for him, the turning point was a lunchtime conversation with a manager who asked him what he was doing to develop the people in his department. He admits he hadn’t given it much thought, but that from that point, people development became a top priority for him.

As Michael puts it, “you must move outside your comfort zone and go beyond your core elements of responsibility by developing your people and getting involved in projects that expose you to other facets of the business.”

You can read Michael’s full column here.

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