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Industry NewsOPMA shines light on Ontario produce industry excellence

OPMA shines light on Ontario produce industry excellence

opma_logo_first_image-5528614OPMA celebrates produce industry at 28th Annual Gala and Awards ceremony

The Ontario Produce Marketing Association (OPMA) honoured four of the industry’s individuals during the OPMA 28th Annual Gala and Awards ceremony.

The awards are presented to individuals or organizations whose efforts have made a significant impact on the Ontario produce industry. Over four hundred people from across the industry gathered at the Universal Event Space in Vaughan, Ont. to celebrate the industry and recognize the achievements of the four award winners.

Quinton Woods of Gwillimdale Farms received the OPMA Fresh Award for his dedication to helping the family-owned operation become one of Ontario’s largest grower-packer-shippers of root vegetables.

Steve Bamford from Fresh Advancement was recognized with the Cory Clack-Streef Produce Person of the Year Award, which recognizes people who work to improve the consumption of fruits and vegetables through innovation and hard work.

Michelle Broom, the OPMA president, says “these two tenacious award recipients have worked hard to improve the state of our industry through innovation and an incredible work ethic.”

Tom O”Neill, Norfolk Fruit Growers Association, received the OPMA Outstanding Achievement Award. He was recognized for dedication to bettering the industry through his involvement in organizations like Ontario Apple Marketing Commission, Ontario Apple Growers and the Ontario Fruit and Vegetable Growers’ Association. He has also served as the Canadian representative to the U.S. Apple Association and on numerous committees including CPMA (CTAC) and the OPMA Member Advisory Committee.

Linda Cavasin from Metro was honoured with the OPMA Lifetime Achievement Award, for pushing the envelope to promote produce at the forefront of grocery retail. She has supported Ontario produce and her dedication is one of the main reasons Metro and Food Basics stores have strong showings year after year at the Foodland awards.

quinton_woods_gwillimdale_farms_with_his_family_and_winner_of_the_opma_fresh_award-6226019Quinton Woods, Gwillimdale Farms, with his family and winner of the OPMA Fresh Award

steve_bamford_fresh_advancements_cory_clack-streef_produce_person_of_the_year_award-1414654Steve Bamford, Fresh Advancements, winner of the Cory Clack Streef Produce Person of the Year award

tom_oneil_norfolk_fruit_growers_association_far_right_winner_of_the_opma_outstanding_achievement_award-9709378Tom O’Neil, Norfolk Fruit Growers Association, far right, winner of the OPMA Outstanding Achievement Awardlinda_cavasin_recipient_of_the_opma_lifetime_achievement_award-8367945Linda Cavasi, Metro Inc., recipient of the OPMA Lifetime Achievement Award

luanne_and_charles_beresford_national_produce-7610323Luanne and Charles Beresford, National Produce

the_mucci_teamfrom_left_stephen_cowan_danny_elias_dallas_macor_nick_mullin__shawna_pelletier-1033664The Mucci team from left: Stephen Cowan, Danny Elias, Dallas Macor, Nick Mullin, Shawna Pelletier opma_1-1139696Gord Love, North American Produce; Ken Lyons, Blue Mountain Fruit Company; Ariel Nevado, Metro Inc; Jeremy and Melissa Love, North American Produce


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