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Industry NewsOppy teams up with Sun Grape USA to boost table grape market

Oppy teams up with Sun Grape USA to boost table grape market

Oppy has partnered with table grape specialist Sun Grape USA to establish Sun Grape California LLC — An Oppy Company.

“This joint venture was developed to redefine excellence in the category by consolidating and securing a consistent supply of high-quality grapes,” said Oppy’s president and chief operating officer, David Smith.

“We have aspired to become California grape growers for a very long time, and we proudly announce the fruition of that dream through our partnership with Sun Grape.”

Combining Oppy’s 165-year legacy with Sun Grape’s three-decade expertise in California’s San Joaquin Valley, Smith says the partnership offers a unique solution for the market.

Owner and president of Sun Grape USA, Sammy Cacciatore, said the move was a natural fit.

“Our family has known Oppy for over 50 years, so there’s been a long-standing relationship from the beginning,” he said.

Details of the partnership includes expansion in California’s San Joaquin Valley

In mid-2023, Oppy will add more acreage from the San Joaquin Valley to its offerings, extending its year-round reach and bringing in products from South Africa, Mexico, Peru, Brazil, and Chile.

“Sun Grape’s commitment to excellence and their expertise in farming makes them an ideal partner, reinforcing our shared vision for delivering the best produce to the market,” said Piers Hanbury, Oppy’s executive director of category development

The joint venture will represent a significant portion of the Californian table grape industry and be a major vertically integrated supplier. Moreover, Sun Grape California LLC will integrate both Sun Grape’s marketing and farming divisions, ensuring expertise from development to sustainability services.

Effective Feb. 6, the partnership will see Cacciatore as president of operations, with operations set to commence with the Mexican season. Sun Grape California LLC — An Oppy Company will officially begin shipping products from their new cold storage facility and offices in Delano in early July.

The collaboration is also expected to enhance Oppy’s sales network throughout North and South America and Asia, with Sun Grape adding its location in Montreal, Quebec, to Oppy’s network.

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