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Industry NewsOrganic Garage opens 4th store in Toronto’s Liberty Village

Organic Garage opens 4th store in Toronto’s Liberty Village

organic_garage_liberty_village_store-6330882Organic Garage Liberty Village store

Organic Garage celebrated the opening of its fourth store in downtown Toronto’s Liberty Village. The fast-growing organic grocery retailer has plans to open a fifth location in North Toronto’s Leaside area.

The new store is just over 13,000 sq ft. The store features similar design elements of Organic Garage’s Junction store but also includes some new features.

For example, the Liberty Village store is the first to offer a “Hand-Picked Partner Program,” which offers prepared foods from three companies: deKefir, which makes Kefir-based foods; Thrive Energy Lab, which makes plant-based whole food smoothies; and Cali Rolls sushi offerings.

Matt Lurie, Organic Garage founder says he plans to expand the program with more partners.

“It satisfies the need of what our customers wanted, which is more prepared foods, and we don’t have to prepare it ourselves. The meals scan through our system so money isn’t exchanged at the kiosks. With this program we’re able to curate the offer depending on the store location and we’re continuing to add more partners to our repertoire.”

The Liberty Village store also has an expanded zero-waste tap station offering. Where The Junction store had four, the new store has 11 tap stations, including five kombucha drinks, four cold press coffees and a unique iced-tea-based beverage. This area of the store also houses a self-serve hot beverages station via partner Tea Bot and a self-serve coffee machine launched by Organic Garage, “allowing us to offer organic fair trade coffee, hot chocolate or other unique beverages like dandelion coffee,” says Lurie.

What’s also noticeable at the new store is Organic Garage’s expanded private label brand, Kitchen Originals.

“We’re up to 80 or 90 SKUs and we’ll continue to add categories. Our Kitchen Originals are always value add and with the most aggressive price point. It doesn’t mean it’s the cheapest but the best price point within the category. So our olive oil, for example, is a gourmet product but it’s the best price in that category.”

Lurie says the store’s bulk offerings are reflective of the growing zero waste movement in the grocery sector. The expanded bulk offerings include tea, spices, olive oil and vinegar. “Within six months we’ll launch bulk household cleaners. This speaks to our values in that we always want to reduce waste wherever we can.”

2_hand-picked_partner_program_includes_dekefir-2381717Hand Picked Partner Program includes deKefirribbon_cutting_3-1369870From left to right: Ronald Khan, project management assistant; Doug Salt, grocery purchasing and merchandising manager; Nazzareno Iaboni, produce specialist and buyer; Matt Lurie, president; Shawna Lurie, director of operations; Matt’s mom and dad Neena and Bill Lurie2_organic_garage_entrance-2289084Organic Garage entrance3_hand-picked_partner_program_includes_cali_rolls-3238053Hand Picked Partner Program includes Cali Rolls3_organic_garage_copy-29899724_hand_picked_partner_program_thrive_energy_lab-8434981Hand Picked Partner Program Thrive Energy Lab4_organic_garage-34927195_tap_stations_copy-4883814Tap stations 6_hot_beverages_area_includes_tea_bot_and_organic_garages_own_coffee_machine_copy-1657508Hot beverages area includes Tea Bot and Organic Garage’s own coffee machine 7_expanded_etc-9552719Expanded bulk offerings reflect the growing movement of zero waste initiatives among grocery retailers8_organic_garage_is_expanding_its_kitchen_originals_private_label_offerings-4945791Organic Garage is expanding its Kitchen Originals private label offerings9_portable_demo_kiosks_copy-5746483Portable demo kiosks10_organic_garage-838755511_organic_garage-642840812_organic_garage-599182213_organic_garage-1295858family-4821329Left to right: Matt’s dad Bill Lurie, Shawna Lurie, Matt Lurie and Matt’s mom, Neena Lurie (resident mom)14_named_after_matt_etc-5068213Named after Matt Lurie’s grandmother, Rose provides information on store products and allows users to download info to their cells

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