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Industry NewsParmalat revisits milk category with new packaging, product varieties

Parmalat revisits milk category with new packaging, product varieties


Lagging milk sales, increased production costs and growing competition from alternatives are inducing milk producers to innovate in what has traditionally been a staid, conservative product category – at least here in Canada.

An article in the Globe and Mail focuses on what Parmalat is doing to revive milk sales. For starters, the company has retooled Canadian factories to bottle milk in recyclable 1.5 litre PET bottles. Besides giving the product a new look, the bottles keep milk fresh longer: up to 60 days instead of 39-50 for typical cartons.

New packaging will also enable Parmalat to introduce new categories, like micro-filtered milk, into markets where they can’t be sold now.

The company has more than a dozen new milk products under development. An executive interviewed for the Globe article ‘hinted’ that these may include different flavours and micro-filtered and lactose free varieties.

Parmalat has looked to Europe for inspiration. Milk sold there comes in different packaging and in many more varieties than it does in Canada.

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