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Industry NewsPentola d’Oro awards for Gus Longo and Loblaw's Frank Gambioli

Pentola d’Oro awards for Gus Longo and Loblaw’s Frank Gambioli


pentola_doro_first_image-9378352ICCO Unico Primo Pentolo d’Oro 2019 award recipients

The Italian Chamber of Commerce of Ontario (ICCO) celebrated the efforts of individuals who have helped to promote the foods and beverages of Italy during the 7th annual Pentola d’Oro awards.

The ICCO Unico Primo Pentola d’Oro awards gala is the culmination of a week-long event “Centitalia: Gusto Cultural” during people in the food and beverage industry come together to celebrate Italian cuisine, says Corrado Paina, ICCO’s executive director.

“We’re honouring people who have made a commitment towards the promotion of Italian food and beverage. These are people who are influencing the market and bringing their own ideas of authentic Italian products into the market here in Canada.”

Paina says the Pentola d’Oro is named for the tradition in Italy of chefs who cook risottos in golden pots.

corrado_paina_icco-9821810Corrado Paina, executive director of ICCO

This year’s award recipients include:

  • Gus Longo, co-founder, Longo Brothers Fruit Markets, who received the Pentola d’Oro award
  • Frank Gambioli, senior vice president market merchandising and promotions, Loblaw Companies Limited, recipient of the Italy-Canada Award, sponsored by Air Canada
  • Gesualdo Mastruzzo, president, Numage Trading Inc. winner of the Lifetime Achievement Award, sponsored by IC Savings
  • Alessandro Buccianti, owner Punto Gelato, Best Gelato Award
  • Mauro DiLauro, owner, Avenue Cibi e Vini, Favourite Hotspot Award
  • Santa Margharita Gruppo Vinicolo, LCBO Best Performing Italian Supplier

Tony Altomare, ICCO Co-President; Maurizio Bevilacqua, Mayor of City of Vaughan; Rosanne Longo, Longo's, accepting the Pentoloa d'Oro Award on behalf her father Gus Longo; Patrick Pelliccione, ICCO Co-PresidentTony Altomare, ICCO co-president; Maurizio Bevilacqua, Mayor of City of Vaughan; Rosanne Longo, Longo’s, accepting the Pentoloa d’Oro Award on behalf her father Gus Longo; Patrick Pelliccione, ICCO co-president

frank_gambioli_loblaw_italy-canada_award_sponsored_by_air_canada-2196553Frank Gambioli, Loblaw Italy-Canada award, sponsored by Air CanadaPatrick Pelliccione, ICCO Co-President and Jan K Overweel; Fausto Gaudio, ICI Saving; Gesualdo Mastruzzo, Numage Trading, recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award; Tony Altomare, ICCO Co-PresidentPatrick Pelliccione, Jan K. Overweel and ICCO co-president; Fausto Gaudio, ICI Saving; Gesualdo Mastruzzo, Numage Trading, recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award; Tony Altomare, ICCO co-president

alessandro_buccianti_punto_gelato_best_gelato_award-1129710Alessandro Buccianti, Punto Gelato, Best Gelato Award

tony_altomare_icco_co-president_mauro_di_lauro_avenue_cibi_e_vini_domenic_primucci_president_pizza_nova_patrick_pelliccione_icco_co-president-1639840Tony Altomare, ICCO co-president; Mauro Di Lauro; Avenue Cibi e Vini, favourite hotspot award; Domenic Primucci, president Pizza Nova; Patrick Pelliccione, ICCO co-president

“In the first year of this award, we actually gave a golden pot. In Italy, every chef has a golden pot and this event is a meeting point of industry for everyone who promotes foods and beverages of Italy, from the distributors who bring many foods to Canada to the small innovator and start-up who brings new products from Italy into Canada.”

Corrado adds that there is room for trade partnership growth between Canada and Italy and ICCO plays an active role in supporting this relationship.

“Italy exports about $8.5 billion into Canada and Canada exports about $2.5 billion to Italy, so there is major room for improvement. With Italian wine for example, consumption in Canada is growing and it is higher than Italian wine consumption in the U.S.”

wines_of_italy-8155105Wines of Italy

Nicola Farinetti, global chief executive officer of Eataly, was the special guest at the event. Nicola helped bring the now largest Italian marketplace in the world into North America. Eataly made its Canadian debut to much fanfare on November 13.

nicola_farinetti_eataly_ceo-2376909Nicola Farinetti, Eataly CEO

italian_prosciutto-8707982Italian prosciutto

food_basics_team_paul_bravi_anna_borselino_paula__sal_galle_michelin_chef_sue__carmen_fortino_tony_and_franca_mongillo-6828107Food Basics Team: Paul Bravi, Anna Borselino, Paula and Sal Galle, Michelin Chef Pino Barbino of Ristorante La Tenuta dei Frati, Sue and Carmen Fortino, Tony and Franca Mongillo


vince_scorniaenchi_fortinos__anthonly_longo_longos_copy-8797076Vince Scorniaenchi, Fortinos with Anthony Longo, Longo’s

jacqueline__jamie_moody_tree_of_life-4259740Jacqueline and Jamie Moody, Tree of Life

patrick_defina_frank_demichino_and_angelo_boras_all_from_italpasta-6887411Patrick Defina, Frank DeMichino and Angelo Boras, Italpasta

frank_gambioli_lcl__tony_morello_aurora_importing__distributing-4891641Frank Gambioli, Loblaw Companies Limited; Tony Morello, Aurora Importing and Distributing

 greg_ramier__frank_gambioli_both_from_lcl-3218905Greg Ramier and Frank Gambioli, Loblaw Companies Limited

russ_lucifora__rino_cramarossa_both_from_lcl-9612909Russ Lucifora and Rino Cramarossa, Loblaw Companies Limited

vince_scorniaenchi_fortinos__frank_gambioli_lcl-4534582Vince Scorniaenchi, Fortinos; Frank Gambioli, Loblaw Companies Limited

 nicola_farinetti_global_ceo_of_eataly__jim_slomka_grocery_business__copy-2058095Nicola Farinetti, Global CEO of Eataly and Jim Slomka, Grocery Business


Jan. K. Overweel Limited booth with Ingrid Rathgeb-Rodriguez and Emma Pelliccione

unico_booth-2190575Unico booth


concord_national_booth-9760958Concord National booth

pane_fresco_fortinos_booth-7961039Pane Fresco and Fortinos’ booth

 20191115_170719-6054152Food Basics’ Frank Jaja with his wife Laura

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