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Industry NewsProtein Industries Canada advancing fava bean snacks for sustainability

Protein Industries Canada advancing fava bean snacks for sustainability

Protein Industries Canada, with partners Prairie Fava, DL Seeds and Three Farmers, has unveiled a co-investment plan to enhance the functionality of Canadian fava bean varieties for consumer-facing products. This includes specifically focusing on snack foods.

The $13.2 million project investment, with Protein Industries Canada contributing $5.4 million and the remaining funds provided by the partners, aims to meet the rising demand for innovative and eco-friendly protein options.

“By bolstering the cultivation and processing of fava beans for use in Canadian ingredients and food, this project will increase the selection of healthy and sustainable food options for Canadians,” said Canada’s Minister of Innovation, Science and Industry François-Philippe Champagne. “Projects like these show how Protein Industries Canada and its partners’ innovative approaches to food will not only increase Canadians’ access to nutritious options but also build stronger and more resilient supply chains in Canada and abroad.”

The project encompasses the entire value chain. Prairie Fava will grow DL Seeds’ fava varieties and use them in their patented processing methods, contributing to functionality testing. The information gathered will inform DL Seeds’ new variety development and the resulting fava ingredients will be supplied to Three Farmers for further functionality testing in their snack foods.

“By working together across the ecosystem, crop breeders, ingredient manufacturers, and foCanada’sssors can capture the growing global protein opportunity while providing consumers with a variety of healthy, high-protein snack options,” said Protein Industries Canada CEO Bill Greuel.

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