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Industry NewsQuebec IGAs giving shoppers deep discounts on near-expired food

Quebec IGAs giving shoppers deep discounts on near-expired food


IGA grocery stores in Quebec have officially launched an app that helps shoppers save from 25 to 60 per cent on food items that are near their expiry date.

MTL Blog reports that IGA has teamed up with Food Hero to create an app that lets shoppers buy nearly-expired meats, dairy products, vegetables and prepared meals that would otherwise end up in landfill. The app lets shoppers browse a special category called “unsold products that are still perfectly good to eat.”

IGA started a pilot test of the project in May and has now officially rolled out the app to 200 stores across the province.

The new Food Hero app is being touted as a way to fight food waste, but it also tells shoppers how much CO2 emissions they are saving with their purchases.

A few months ago IGA pledged to ban single-use plastic bags in its stores, and two months ago it said it was encouraging shoppers to bring their own reusable containers for purchases of prepared meals and other non-packaged goods.

Image: FoodHero

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