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Industry NewsRecognizing retail excellence: DCI Star Awards

Recognizing retail excellence: DCI Star Awards

Distribution Canada Inc. and Canadian Independent Grocery Buyers Alliance (DCI/CIGBA) recognized business excellence among its members and partners during its annual Business Summit and Star Awards dinner gala, held June 14 in Toronto.

The event included networking meetings, business speakers and the annual Star Awards gala dinner. 

Following are the 2022 award winners:


Note: The Retailer of the Year is Pasquier, Que., they were not in attendance.

dci_7-7080020Partner of the Year, Maple Leaf Foods: Paul Chapman (Maple Leaf Foods), Stephen Carroll (Maple Leaf Foods), CIGBA Board Director Mike Sharpe (Sharpe’s Food Market)

dci_8-1220479Social Responsibility Award winners, Vince’s Market: Melissa Schaffer (Star Awards Hostess), Nigel Oliver (Vince’s Market), Giancarlo Trimarchi (Vince’s Market), CIGBA/DCI Board Treasurer Craig Cavin (Country Grocer/Island Independent Buying Group)

dci_9-6279394Innovation Award winners, Sharpe’s Food Market, Ont.: Melissa Schaffer (Star Awards Hostess), Mike Sharpe (Sharpe’s Food Market), CIGBA/DCI Vice Chair Gordon Dean (Mike Dean’s Local Grocer)

dci_10-1439307Leader of the Year, David La Mantia, LaMantia’s Country Market Fresh, Ont.: CIGBA/DCI Past Chair Robert Galati (Galati Market Fresh), Melissa Schaffer (Star Awards Hostess), David La Mantia (La Mantia Country Market Fresh)

dci_11-3594012Lifetime Achievement Award, Merlen Kropf, L&M Food Markets: CIGBA/DCI Chair of the Board Nigel Oliver (Vince’s Market), Melissa Schaffer (Star Awards Hostess), Noah Ramage (The Geddes Street Market), Alexis Kropf (The Geddes Street Market), Debra Kropf (The Geddes Street Market), Barry Lanteigne (CIGBA/DCI)


Grocery Business was there, see who attended the event.  

1-_robert_galati_galati_fresh_market_vicki_and_jim_bexis_sun_valley_market_dave_powell_powells_supermarkets-7400932Robert Galati of Galati Fresh Market, Vicki and Jim Bexis of Sun Valley Market, Dave Powell of Powells Supermarkets

larry_bonikowsky_and_rick_rabba-4300590 Larry Bonikowsky of Grocery Business and Rick Rabba of Rabba Fine Foods

3-_giancarlo_trimarchi_vinces_market_jim_slomka_and_jim_bexis_sun_valley_market_jpg-4989574Giancarlo Trimarchi of Vinces Market, Jim Slomka of Grocery Business, Jim Bexis of Sun Valley Market

4-_matthew_pelton_and_jessica_embro_sleeman_breweries_jpg-4548208Matthew Pelton and Jessica Embro of Sleeman Breweries

5-_ron_morrish_eska_steve_blackman_ubayda_aatek_lassonde-7546340Ron Morrish of Eska, Steve Blackman and Ubayda Aatek of Lassonde

6-_david_scholtens_scholtens_inc-_jim_slomka_and_zack_scholtens_scholtens-3126251David Scholtens of Scholtens Inc., Jim Slomka of Grocery Busines, and Zack Scholtens of Scholtens

7-_aaron_oosterhoff_spring_creek_quail_farms_and_jim_slomka_jpg-9411746Aaron Oosterhoff of Spring Creek Quail Farms

8-_jim_slomka_alykhan_jadavji_and_salina_gilani-_palette_foods_inc-_crop_jim-1530924Alykhan Jadavji and Salina Gilani of Palette Foods Inc.

9-_debbie_caruso_natura_foods-4671317Debbie Caruso of Natura Foods

10-_connie_goodhall_cathy_dimovsku_and_iain_mcruvie_burnbrae_farms_crop_jim-8018902Connie Goodhall, Cathy Dimovsku and Iain McRuvie of Burnbrae Farms

11-_ryan_mitchell_fms_solutions_and_brian_bradley_stongs_markets_jpg-2029889Ryan Mitchell of FMS Solutions and Brian Bradley of Stongs Markets

12-_todd_newstead_bimbo-8734821Todd Newstead of Bimbo

13-_joe_sawaged_cfig_jim_slomka_tom_shurrie_cfig_and_pat_battie_49th_parallel_grocery_jpg-9601690Joe Sawaged of CFIG and Jim Slomka of Grocery Business, Tom Shurrie of CFIG and Pat Battie of 49th Parallel Grocery

14-_ron_morrish_eska_and_jim_slomka-9008689Ron Morrish of Eska and Jim Slomka of Grocery Business

david_and_jack_scholtens_sholten_-5070626David and Jack Scholtens of Sholtens

dci_1-2255809Todd Newstead of Bimbo Canada and Dave Powell of Powell’s Supermarkets

dci_2-4534394Mary Scianna of Grocery Business Magazineand DCI’s Barry Lanteigne

dci_3-2936872Dave Powell of Powell’s Supermarkets, Vicki and Jim Bexis of Sun Valley Market

dci_4-5007287Priscilla Cheung and Jose Perez of Bimbo Canada.

dci_5-2282203Liz Long of Humble Seedz

dci_6-2968601Pamela and Gordon Dean of Mike Dean Local Grocer on either side of Rob Schouppe of Lanthier Bakery


jim_slomka_and_frank_nweisser_of_rabba_fine_foods-6642029Jim Slomka and Frank Nweisser of Rabba Fine Foods

jim_slomka_randy_whitteker_onfc_jpg-8798246Jim Slomka and Randy Whitteker of ONFC

jim_slomka_rick_rabba_rabba_fine_foods_-4211002Jim Slomka of Grocery Business and Rick Rabba of Rabba Fine Foods



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