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Industry NewsSobeys pilots Smart Cart

Sobeys pilots Smart Cart


Sobeys is bringing the Sobeys Smart Cart, an intelligent shopping cart, to Canadian grocery stores.

Sobeys is piloting the Smart Cart at its Glen Abbey Sobeys location in Oakville, ON as part of the CX Learning Lab, the company’s customer-focused testing approach. Sobeys says the Smart Cart will improve one of the greatest points of customer friction – in-store checkout lineups.


Featuring an interactive map, scanner, and debit machine, the cart can scan and weigh products as customers place them in the cart, and displays a running tally of purchases while the customer shops. Customers can also self-checkout on the spot by paying for their order through the cart.

The cart’s AI and machine learning technology will enable it to evolve new capabilities, such as helping customers navigate the store to complete a shopping list, highlight promotions and make product suggestions to round out a recipe.


The cart will also evolve from “scanning” to “identifying” product, using multiple high-resolution cameras that capture 120 images per second as product is placed in the cart, which allows the cart to learn how to identify each grocery item. Supported by the cart’s sensitive weight measures, customers will eventually be able to toss their items into the cart without having to enter any information or scan barcodes.

The video below demonstrates the on-cart checkout process.


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