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Industry NewsStarbucks opens sustainable concept store

Starbucks opens sustainable concept store

starbucks_concept_store-5587423Starbucks sustainable store. (Image: ShoppingCentre)

Starbucks has opened a new drive-thru location in Yeading, West London, UK, that has new sustainable design features.

The new location is Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certified. Features include a green living roof, which improves storm water management by reducing runoff, conserves energy, reduces noise and air pollution and increases the range of wildlife habitat in an urban setting. It also has energy efficient lighting, with a zone-controlled heat pump that is more efficient than conventional HVAC. There are also EV chargers for customers to use.

A report in ShoppingCentre says the store was built using locally sourced materials, and that all waste materials generated during construction were recycled.


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