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Industry NewsTech startups join race against Amazon Go for cashierless shopping

Tech startups join race against Amazon Go for cashierless shopping

aifi-3857914AiFi is also testing its autonomous system in eight nanostores in Europe and Shanghai.

While Amazon Go has been the first pioneer of cashierless grocery shopping systems, Walmart is planning to offer its own systems – and two tech startups have announced their own plans.

Of course Walmart has been piloting its “Fast lane” checkout systems in Canadian stores while also working on other, similar systems in its Intelligent Retail Lab program – and Sam’s Club has already rolled out scan-and-go shopping technology, reports

But now two tech startups, AiFi and Grabango, have announced that they are also working on their own autonomoyus systems, which they will offer to large retailers competing with Amazon.

Grabango’s technology is already being tested at a number of grocery store brands across the U.S., with Pittsburgh’s Giant Eagle being the first. Grabango uses small ceiling-mounted cameras that track when a product is taken from the shelf. The system keeps a tally of items as the shopper moves through the store the store, enabling them to pay via the Grabango app when they leave – or pay the cashier without needing to remove the items for pricing.

AiFi is similar, using cameras to track shoppers as they remove items from the shelf, but adds a “sensor fusion” technology that also incorporates data from sensors to increase tracking accuracy. Five U.S. retailers are using the system already – although AiFi wouldn’t say who they are. The company has also partnered with grocery chains in The Netherlands and Poland.

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