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Industry NewsThe Grocery Foundation says 'thanks' for support

The Grocery Foundation says ‘thanks’ for support

The Grocery Foundation held a thank you event for retail and supplier partners for their participation in this year’s Toonies for Tummies campaign and the Night to Nurture gala. 

1-_20210922_171905_copy-7208608Scott Lorimer, Maple Leaf Foods; Ray Hepworth and Sal Galle, Food Basics; and Shaun McKenna, Grocery Foundation


2-_20210922_171057-7719037Jana Sobey and Julia Knox, Sobeys


3-_20210922_171459-7545373Iven Znardo, Lactalis; Carmela Serebryany, Upper Crust; and Tom Gunter, T.A.. Marketplace Consulting


4-_20210922_172049-4495582Vince Mendes De Franca, General Mills; Leslie Mackay and Tebbie Chuchla, Conagra Brands Canada




8-_20210922_173045-4044652Michael Rose, Ray Hepworth and George Kioussis, Metro; and Robert Shapiro, Robert Shapiro and Associates

 6-_20210922_175330_copy_copy-7340753 Stacey Kravitz, UNFI Canada and Stephane Mercier, Kraft Heinz

9-_20210922_175221-1566209Margaret Hudson, John McFall and Iain McRuvie from Burnbrae Farms with Shelagh McRuvie and Gabby Nobrega from The Grocery Foundation


10-_20210922_174617-2574517Tom Shurrie, CFIG, Michael Ruff; Pepsico Beverages, Tony Mongillo Metro


11-_20210922_172009-2591433George Kioussis Metro Tony Chow Kellogg Dan Bajor Upfield, Jim Kelly and Stephane Mercier, Kraft Heinz


12-_20210922_170908-3181469Martin Parent, Mondelez, Michael Medline, Sobeys, Shaun McKenna, The Grocery Foundation


13_20210922_170725-8027896Gabby Nobrega, The Grocery Foundation, Marie Eve Royer, Bimbo Canada, Marie-Josée Boies, Bimbo Canada Mary Scianna, Grocery Business Magazine





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