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Industry NewsThis U.S. food waste app could be the next step for grocers...

This U.S. food waste app could be the next step for grocers in Canada


A new tool introduced by U.S. grocer Krogers turns photos into recipies via Twtitter and it could be the next step for food waste apps for grocers in Canada.

Known as Chefbot, the app allows consumers to access recipes by tweeting photos of products they have on hand. The app then analyzes the food images and responds with a list of recipes that use the ingredients from the photos.

Kroger expects the system, which was developed in partnership with digital agency 360i, technology partner Coffee Labs and AI company Clarifai, to become more accurate in its ability to discern the content of photos as it gains experience analyzing images. The image-recognition tool, which can recognize almost 2,000 items and has access to a library of 20,000 recipes, is currently available only via Twitter, but Kroger says it plans to add it to its mobile app.

While food waste apps are available in Canada, Chefbot takes the next step in food reduction by giving consumers the option of eliminating food waste that they already have in their homes. Other food waste apps focus more on alerting consumers to items in grocery stores that are close to their expiry date and being sold at reduced prices.

Some of the food waste apps currently available in Canada include Flashfoods, which is used by grocers such as Loblaw Companies Limited, Longo’s and Farm Boy, and FoodHero, which Metro Inc. utilizes in many of its Quebec stores.

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