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Industry NewsTrend: The growth of in-store farms

Trend: The growth of in-store farms


Thursday, July 20, 2017

While the demand for organic and sustainable agriculture is growing across the globe, the future of fresher produce might be picking it right at the supermarket, according to a TechCrunch report.

InFarm, a Berlin-based startup, is working on an indoor vertical farming system with the capacity to grow any kind of fruit, vegetable or herb. The idea is to grow produce in grocery stores, and let shoppers harvest their own food.

Multiple sensors monitor the plants’ health and connected data lets the system know when to irrigate and feed the crops, creating individual ecosystems, the report says. In addition to creating idyllic growing environments for each plant, the system is smart, providing the opportunity for experts to analyze and collect data to optimize growth and flavour and potentially predict problems in the future.

The company has already found success after placing systems in Metro Group locations – one of the biggest wholesalers in Europe – and is now being approached by other grocers that want to do the same.


Image: InFarm

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