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Industry NewsVince's steps up online grocery shopping service

Vince’s steps up online grocery shopping service


Vince’s has partnered with Instacart to ramp up its online shopping experience. 

“Our customers are going to get a best-in-class e-commerce platform,” says Vince’s partner Giancarlo Trimarchi. “That is something we were unable to do on our own.”

Instacart’s in-store shoppers are able to communicate in real time with customers. While the shopper is picking items, they can react instantly if something is out of stock or requires a substitution, or if they need clarification on the size or ripeness of produce. By texting through the app, they can resolve these issues with their client and adjust the order as needed.

It is all part of the Instacart service, enabling same-day delivery – often in less than five hours.

Delivery radius is approximately a 30-minute drive from each Vince’s location, and customers can confirm they are within it by entering their postal code in the app. Typically, the Instacart shopper will visit the closest store, and then deliver direct to home. “From start to finish, it is roughly the same timeframe as doing your own shopping,” adds Trimarchi.

An added benefit of picking items in-store, is that online customers can enjoy Vince’s fresh offerings.

“We rotate everything in our ‘fresh’ departments daily,” said Trimarchi. “We bake fresh every day. In our deli, meats are still being sliced to order, not pre sliced. Overall, the customer is receiving the same experience – and quality – as if they were shopping themselves.”

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