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Industry NewsWalmart Canada announces 2025 zero food waste target

Walmart Canada announces 2025 zero food waste target


Walmart has committed to entirely eliminating food waste from its Canadian operations by 2025, in accordance with the Zero Waste International Alliance guidelines.

The three part strategy includes improvements in operational efficiencies, such as discounting repackaged, bruised or peak-freshness produce through its $1/$2 Bag Program, improving bakery operations to reduce over-production and implementing organic recycling programs in 338 stores. The company plans to increase its food donations by partnering stores with local food banks, and has announced a $1 M donation to Food Banks Canada for the 2018 “Fight Hunger. Spark Change” campaign.

Walmart says that from 2015 to 2017 it reduced food waste in its Canadian operations by 23 per cent.

The Walmart Foundation has also announced it is contributing $19 M to support Canadian research and initiatives dedicated to reducing “farm to fork” waste in the food chain.

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