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Industry NewsWalmart Canada delivers groceries to frontline healthcare workers

Walmart Canada delivers groceries to frontline healthcare workers


By Mary Scianna

Walmart Canada is helping frontline healthcare workers with a new program that delivers their online grocery orders to them at their place of work.

“We wanted to find a way to help healthcare workers, who are at the front lines of the current crisis,” explains Daryl Porter, vice president of ecommerce for Walmart Canada. “We came up with the idea, working with hospitals, to deliver healthcare workers’ orders  to them where they work. Our drivers will load them into their cars. It’s a way to help so they don’t need to worry about getting groceries while they’re working long hours during this time.”

Porter says Walmart Canada is working with the Ontario Hospitals Association to help coordinate the program.

The first pilot was with North York General Hospital and Porter says it was “an amazing success. It was exciting for all us, especially our drivers, to feel that we can help these heroes on the frontline. We’ve also had comments from doctors and nurses who told us that we’ve saved them time and worry.”

To date, there are nine hospitals involved in the program. Healthcare workers employed at one of these nine hospitals can access a special slot on the online ordering platform set aside for each hospital. Users click on the name of their hospital and place their orders in the designated time slot.

hospital_access_points_-_desktop_3-6934038Hospital access points on where healthcare workers can have their online groceries delivered

“We set a slot per hospital  and delivery will be once a week to each hospital, but we can set up as many slots as needed for this,” says Porter.

The program will run for “as long as the need is there,” he adds.

At this time, Porter says Walmart Canada does not have plans to expand the program outside the GTA. “We set up the program here becasue we have the trucks to do it here.”

“Walmart Canada is proud to support healthcare workers and we’re proud of this initiative and of our associates and want to thank them both for being on the front line,” says Porter.


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