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Industry NewsNew national food waste prevention campaign

New national food waste prevention campaign


Cities across the country and 11 national partners have joined in a new national food waste prevention campaign “Love Food Hate Waste Canada.”

Walmart Canada and Sobeys are among the national partners of the program.

The new campaign will help Canadians think about avoidable food waste in five ways per food item, such as bread crusts and broccoli stalks.

“Food waste is a global, but solvable problem and the good news is, we know that Canadians are more motivated than ever to reduce their food waste,” says Jack Froese, chair of the National Zero Waste Council. “A consumer insight survey conducted in 2020 showed that 84 per cent of Canadians agreed that food waste is an important national issue and 94 per cent of Canadians were motivated to reduce their food waste. The ‘5 Ways With’ website provides Canadians with the tools to act and prevent food waste in the home.”

Research done by the National Zero Waste Council found that Canadians throw out 2.2 million tonnes of edible food each year, and 63 per cent of food thrown away could have been eaten.

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